Doggy Water Bottle

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The Doggy Bottle is a portable water bottle that makes it easy to quench your dog’s thirst during long walks, car travel, at the dog park or anywhere you and your furry friend go. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the attached no spill no mess bowl so your dog can drink anywhere anytime! It has an auto-pump feature that drains the water back into the bottle when you’re done.

"Fashion and simplicity even if you pour the bottle upside down, It doesn't leak"




100% Brand new and High quality
  1. Easy to use travel mug for your Dog. Fits in standard car cup holder.
  2. Holders up to 20 ounces (500ml) of fresh water.
  3. The bowl has a special valve that never wastes water, so your pet can travel longer.
  4. Easy to operate. Squeeze the bottle to allow the water to come up to the bowl then release to allow the water to go back into the bottle.



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